Monday, September 24, 2007

My Weekend Was Better Than Yours

Unless you slept through it.
I miss the sleep but I totally had fun.

On Friday night I partied in the name of Ann's bday 25th
until 6:30 Saturday morning.
I arrived home so sleep deprived and drunk that I thought that there was a monster in my downstairs hallway.

On Saturday night I went to Stanton Social for Lysandra's bday
Cameron Diaz was there, That's right, I party with celebs.
I actually never got to see her though, because she sat behind me.
I couldn't turn around, that would be obvious.
I got up to go to the bathroom and there was wait staff blocking her.
I stood on my tippy toes while I waited online (for the ONE bathroom in the place) and she lifted her glass - all I could see was blonde and a glass.
I turned to the woman in line and said, "Cameron Diaz is here."
"Everyone is talking about it, I know. She looks great!"
"This is like a bad episode of Seinfeld, she just keeps getting obstructed. I bet it will turn out she's not even here and I'm getting punk'd."
She had no idea I was famous enough to be punk'd or not, but she looked at me for a moment like I was famous.
It was awesome.
I stayed out past 1am.

Then on Sunday I went upstate near Poughkeepsie
to house where there was a giant yard and CHICKENS!
It was really nice to spend time outside, and I even got to see stars (the kind you see in the sky, not the kind that supposedly are sitting right behind you)

It was a wonderfully diverse weekend, but I'm exhausted.
...this post sucks...
unless I put this up:

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"I stayed out past 1 am"