Sunday, September 30, 2007

I love the Mets...

But this season was awful.

In a conversation via email with Big Sis Jen Z:

Me: Oh, and let's never speak of the '07 season of the NY Mets again.

Big Sis Jen Z: I'll be sitting Shiva for the Mets this week.

I am very upset about how they blew it. I wonder who's head is gonna roll for this rapid decline to awfulness. Omar? Willie? The entire team for losing it after such a great season?

I think we should talk about this season like Family Guy spoofs Germany's denial of WW2:

Oh the 2007 Mets? Nope, nope, they left to manage a Dairy Queen...

Also, regarding beer halls, Oktober fest was yet another success this year. Much fun and alcohol was had by all.

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