Sunday, September 02, 2007

Girls who hate Girls

The other night I ran into a girl
who for some reason hates me.
She spoke to me in the phony voice:
you know, the kind where the eyebrows lift and the smile is flat
and the ingenious of the words, "great to see you," are so pointed that you feel as if you can see them slice through the air as if they are daggers meant to cut you.

I don't know what I did to provoke this.
It was upsetting for me, because I hadn't seen her for a long time
and didn't recall us parting on bad terms.
I was even more perplexed because I had corresponded with her recently
and she seemed quite kind,
but maybe I just couldn't read the sarcasm.

I asked my other friend who saw this display,
"What's up with that frost?"
She replied,
"She's just one of those girls who hates girls"
but I'm totally not a girly girl!
I always hang out with guys,
because I usually prefer the male hang out session to the female.

Male hang out session: Hang out, watch tv, talk about tv program/sports
Female hang out session: Hang out, watch tv, talk about how we feel about everything and everyone.

I'm not dissing on the female hang out sessions, but I more often prefer the male hang out.
But I'm not gonna be mean to girls because of this.

My friend agreed, but said that this girl in particular
just hates girls.
It's her thing.

This behavior reminded me of a time that I once told my friend, Erica Watson
that I hated white people.
And she said, "You should never hate your own kind, because really you're just hating yourself."
Maybe this girl just hates herself.

Don't get me wrong here,
there are some girls who just drive me nuts,
but I don't hate all of them.
Nor do I fire off the dagger tongue unless they pricked me first.

My point here is,
don't discriminate so blindly,
wait for me to do something mean to you*,
then treat me cruel.

*You'll probably end up waiting a long time. I work hard at not being mean to others since I believe in karma.

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