Saturday, September 08, 2007


On Friday, I had this 1 hour call-a-thon,
it was like everyone decided at once that they needed:
to flake
me to answer a question
or me to make them feel better

20 calls within 1 hour.
30 texts within that hour.

I turned my cell phone off, walked up the street, hopped on the V, read for a half hour, and emerged from sweltering subway onto a bustling 6th ave, turned down West 4th, and entered the bar.

There were my friends, drunk, laughing, telling ridiculous stories.

People often say "there's no place like home".
This is not true for some people.
Some people haven't settled in a home yet.
Rather they live like nomads, wondering from lease to lease, roommate to roommate, job to job.
And for these people, there is no place like wherever your friends are.
It's the place where you exhale and say,
it's not home, but it does have it's comforts.

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