Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fire Starter

I was inspired from my sister's ordeal with setting an oven on fire to discuss my recent run in with flames.

One night I was tired but having some tummy trouble (shocking I'm sure)
and I went down to make myself a tea. I filled my silver tea pot and placed it on the back burner
behind the George Foreman Grill that sat on our flat, electric stove.
I then remembered that I had forgotten my medicines upstairs (I live in a duplex apartment).
I bounded up the stairs and searched through some bags, pulled out the items I needed and descended back into the kitchen...
to see the Foreman Grill now engulfed in flames.
I scream to roommate Tom, but he's got the AC on and the TV cranked and can't hear the profanity as I turn the oven off and run to the sink that is next to the stove, but full of dirty dishes, and grab the only thing I can fill with water that is closest to me,
a very tiny tea cup.

I keep filling the wee cup with water and throwing it on the ghastly plastic burning flames.
I finally get the fire out, and then the smoke alarm goes off.
But the smoke alarm that we have doesn't just have those high pitch screetches,
it also provides a calm woman's voice that says,
"Fire. Fire. There is a Fire."
Now that the fire is out and the place is pretty smokey, because there are no windows in our basement, I am trying to cover up the fire.
I run over to the smoke detector with an oven mitt and jump up and down in front of it.
"Shhhhhh! Stop going off! It's out!! Stooooopppp!"
And of course, I'm crying because I'm tired, my tummy hurts, and I just set roommate Tom's newly acquired and strongly beloved Foreman grill on fire.

Tom finally heard the commotion and comes down stairs to find my hopping, tear eyed, self in a very nasty smelling unventilated room and does what any of you would've done (that are really my friend at least)
He laughed at me, then told me to upstairs before I passed out from inhaling fumes.

I ended up sleeping upstairs for a couple of nights after that because it took a while for the smell to dissipate.
We now have a new Foreman Grill and a very strict rule,
"Cook on the Foreman Grill, do not cook the Foreman Grill."

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