Thursday, September 06, 2007

Brain Cloud

I came home sick today from work.
I don't know if it was because I was raised Catholic,
or just in eternal fear of never falling behind with school,
but there's a giant guilty feeling when I leave sick.

People get sick.

I get sick all the freakin' time.

Today's illness: Cold/Flu/Sinus pains
-oh, and let's not forget the brain cloud.

I feel absolutely retarded.
I am not communicating well.
I might need to wear a helmet.

I am only going to edit this blog four times and then make myself dinner and then pass out.
I gotta get it all done so I can go to sleep.

Maybe I'm not guilty, maybe I'm just OCD.

Also, I should consider calling my blog Sick Sue Funke because the most tags I have on this blog are on the topics of me being ill.

ps - for those of you unaware, the title of this blog is a concept of an illness conjured up so that Tom Hanks would sacrafice himself for people that live on a tropical island and are way into orange soda -which is pretty much the amazing plot for the movie Joe Versus the Volcano. You should definitely see this movie people - Meg Ryan, three roles, one movie. COME ON! ...oh god i'm sick.

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