Saturday, September 01, 2007

Astoria: The Best Neighborhood Ever

This morning I awoke to pizza boxes and dirty plates
the remains of a very fun Friday night.
I cleaned up the boxes and brought them out front
barefoot, in my pjs, having not looked in a mirror I am not positive-
but I'm pretty sure, my hair was going in 30 different directions.

My neighbor was also throwing out garbage.
A plastic container that might've held muffins
or cupcakes (mmm...cupcakes - btw I went here this week - happiest place EVER.)
She looked upon my messy state and smiled wide.
"Good morning!" I croaked in my first statement of the morning voice.
"Good morning!" She genuinely replied.
We both laughed a little knowing that we were both tired from two very different evenings.

I then went to the new organic market: Natural Market on 46-03 Broadway
This place is awesome. Smoothies, nice seating area, fresh food, and great selection.
I love these little fresh markets.
Maybe it's because my Dad would have as much excitement about taking me to a market
that a normal person would have about a giant, fun, state fair.
But little markets like this make me think of going to Pat's Farms and just spending hours visiting all the different sections of food. Pat's Farms smelled like wet saw dust, raw fish and meats, and old cheese. It was great.
This market smells like oats and fruit, which is much sweeter.

On the way back to my apartment with the giant FOR SALE sign in front of it
I got a little sad.
This neighborhood is so pleasantly mixed.
I saw kids on their scooters racing,
I walked by the community pool where parents sat feeding their soggy kids sandwiches
There was an old man pushing his grandchild with pride I've only seen in pictures
A young couple was holding each other strolling through the park
The bells from the church chimed a sweet melody
and the ice cream truck played it's tune that entices all children with full bellies to run for more

I looked at this neighborhood on it's sunny day and then I went in and sat in my giant living room
and wished there was some way I'd never have to leave here.
But we'll have to.
This giant living room is supposed to be a waiting room.
My roommates bedrooms are offices.
And my room without windows -a storage place.

I took a long walk around and just appreciated having this space.
I hope to stay around this neighborhood.

If you're reading this and you're a hipster though...don't move to Astoria it totally blows.

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