Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What if Hitler was Charlie Chaplin?

So, I was working at my laptop,
I know - shocking, we're spending more time together,
but what can I say, my laptop and I are really close,
let me tell you, it's pretty hot
(seriously -the fan might be busted it's hotter than Africa under this machine)

And my buddy Urban told me he had just watched The Great Dictator.
Being a fan, and student* of Charlie Chaplin I was interested on his insight into the film.

He showed me some info, that I did read, but he more importantly sent me this youtube clip:
(watching, less work than reading = happy busy blog readers)

The inspiring words of kindler, gentler Hitler, a believer in freedom and democracy.
I truly do love the comedic mind.

Now, I'm going to go back to writing a way to end world hunger and cure diseases.

*I took a bunch of multimedia historical courses in college,
I studied a bunch of Chaplin films and discussed social commentary at great length -
thanks Hofstra!

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Carrie said...

you are so awesome!