Sunday, August 26, 2007

Waking up early

I am a natural early riser.

But when you go to sleep at 5am and wake up at 9:30am,
all you can say is, "screw you sleep cycle!"

I am now completely unable to think, or make a move towards a decision.

I should go get breakfast.
What am I gonna get to eat?
It's all just junk food I can get to eat around here.
I should make my own food.
There's nothing really here to make.
I could go to the store.
But I'm hungry so I'll end up buying something stupid.
I should just go get a veggie omelet somewhere.
Where they have veggie omelets, they have burgers with fries...
I should just make oatmeal.
All I freakin' eat is oatmeal.
I'm hungry.
I have to do freelance today.
I'm too tired to think.
I need to go back to bed.
::lies down on bed::
I'm too hungry to sleep!

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