Monday, August 20, 2007

Reflections on Lake Monticello

I just got back from a road trip I took with my mom to visit my sister:

9 hours down
7 hours back up

It’s definitely a long car ride.
My mother and I are far from Thelma & Louis.
Mama Funke & I are totally G rated.

I learned that my mother has officially let herself act like a kid again,
And I am an adult.
On hour 6 of our car ride down, when she is so antsy she’s gone beyond the normal complaining of,
“This car ride is too far,”
“We will never get there!”
we get lost.

This led us to a role reversal mother/daughter fight set to the sounds of Perry Cuomo:

“This is going to take forever, it’s going to be dark when we get there!”
“It will not take forever, and we’ll get there long before your bedtime. Stop fussing!”
Hot diggity, dog diggity do! What you do to me! Oooh! What you do to me!

On the car ride home it was grey skies and we already missed our family. I had my mom put in “the CD that matched my shirt”-
Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon.

Mama Funke’s review of Dark Side of the Moon
“I may not like the words on this album but the music is very relaxing and melodic.”

The time spent at my sister’s house at Lake Monticello was wonderful as always.
Greg (my brother-in-law) was in high spirits because he had just gotten cable TV back and was thrilled to share his ESPN with someone he knew would appreciate it.
(Truth is I love TV so much I’d appreciate someone getting the TV Guide Channel.)
The tiny monchichi baby that was my niece the last time I was there

was now a beautiful, bouncy, little lady. Her femininity is just as apparent as her age. At ten months she likes things that you shake, her mommy, and chewing on her finger. Her smile is undeniably adorable, and hilariously coy when it's the smile she gives when she knows she's crawled to something she shouldn't have.

My nephew Sam has a grown into a great little handsome man. At times he has sarcasm that could be likened to a teen, and he’s always surprisingly smart and high spoken. At best though he’s a goofy fun five year old.

Jen was Jen - the great, fun, full of energy big sister that I know and love.

Highlights of the visit:
+A Mom’s Club pool party - easily one of the best parties I’ve been to all summer. There was amazing looking food, a really fun down-to-earth group of women, and a diving board- who could ask for more?

+Two beautiful vineyards I’ve never been to before.

+Tea time with Mama Funke and Big Sis Jen Z

I have to say driving hours away from NYC, through rolling hills, and spending time with the two women who’ve known me since I began, was not just a vacation spent in the sun by a pool, it was also a time of great peace of mind.

My Favorite Quotes from the LM trip:

“Today’s really been Saturday! I haven’t had a Saturday for like three years. I did lawn work. I’m gonna watch football tonight. We’re at a vineyard. This is a Saturday.” – Greg

“Aunt Sue, why is it that you’re funnier at home than you are here?” – Sam on my comedy career.
He then went on, “What did the ocean say to the dunes?”
“I dunno, Sam, what?”
“Nothing, it just waved.”
I laughed very hard and Sam giggled a bit, and then continued, “You can use that.”

Thanks Sam. :)

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