Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Work v. Stand Up

I've got a day job
and I've got a night job.

My day job is being an Associate Editor,
My night job is being a stand up comedian.

I get paid for the day job.
I end up paying for the night job.

So, when things get busy at the day job -
night job has to go on hold.

In both jobs I'm asked to stand in front of people
and give presentations.

Doing this at the day job is hard
because I'm much more comfortable with the night job style.

See, as a stand up comedian, I can be off-the-cuff.
Unfortunately, my off-the-cuff in a day job isn't really corporate friendly...

I had to give a presentation in Chicago two weeks ago
and I honestly feel as though I just unclenched two days ago.

I can tell jokes in a room full of a hundred people
But staying on message, on point, on the page of the powerpoint - frightening.

I think it's because

with stand up
It's all me. I am responsible for just me
and I don't really care if you like it or not.

with work
It's all for a company. I am responsible to represent
and I have to care what impression I make.

So, when people tell me I have balls being a comic,
getting up there on a stage and telling jokes,
I'm just gonna say, "it's no powerpoint presentation."


Rizoh said...

my day job involves telling people, and my night job involves poetry.

i like my night job
and you hate your day job

so let's switch jobs...

Rizoh said...

I meant to say "my day job involves telling people what to do"

goofy me

Unknown said...

ha, I definitely don't hate my day job.
I probably love it too much.
I said I'd always care about the company I work for, I didn't realize what a commitment I was making.
Sometimes, like any relationships we fight - but that's what keeps it spicy.

So no switching - I think we should both just never give up working towards our night jobs.

Rizoh said...

Eh, maybe I should've clarified that poetry part. I no longer practice my poetry with pen and paper...