Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sharing the Bed

When two people are in the same bed sleep can often be impossible.
One tosses while the other turns,
sometimes you get a kicker,
a snorer,
a person with sleep apnea that you're pretty sure may be dead every other breath.

I've had great sleep lately though
and I've shared my queen sized bed every night.

My bedmate?
My laptop.

I'm up with it all hours of the night.
We're checking email, mets scores, funny websites,

People are starting to worry about my social life.
I had someone say to me last night, "You're letting that hot new body go to waste".
I also got an email from Big Sis Jen Z
it was entitled "Flirting 101"
and just had this helpful link:,,b2d197d6,00.html

Next time I'm away from my laptop and around men again,
I'm definitely going to make sure I don't bitch about all the time with the laptop,
I'll save that for the big slumber party we'll all have.

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