Sunday, July 15, 2007

Queens Landlords

Apparently it's a well known fact that
Landlords in Queens believe the apartment they rent out
is actually their home,
and you are like their children.

This would explain why I was called at work
and scolded by my landlord for keeping a messy place.

I felt awful, upset, and overwhelmed.

I've never been a neat person, but I'm not disgusting.
The place needs some help, but it is no way horribly dirty.

Then he laid it on thick,
I trusted you to keep my house clean, you've disrespected me.

If this sounds at all mafia-like to you, it's probably because
it very well may be.
I do pay rent in cash.

And the reason why he's so upset about the apartment's appearance right now-
he's selling the building.

So, this disrespect goes two ways,
he thought I was going to keep the place spotless
I thought I was going to be able to keep my place.

Oh landlordy, landlordy ain't life a bitch.
Apparently, so am I.

Because instead of cleaning this weekend,
I'm looking for a second job so I can afford a new place
once the lease runs out.

Oh, did I not mention I'm in debt because of all the medical bills?
Yeah, I totally am.

Coffee shops, here I come.

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