Monday, July 16, 2007

Funke Floats

I spent my weekend looking for a part time job.
As I mentioned in a previous post,
medical bills and the prospect of having to move,
have driven me to stop bitching and start working.

First job I thought of - Freelance writing.
I've written since I could write, anything and everything.
But to do it on commission seemed so exciting.
What would I write?

I went on craigslist and looked at openings.
Oh boy do I want to write for a High Tech firm!
(I really am dorky enough to be excited about that.)
It's also the only thing I'm qualified/interested in.

Apparently, if you want to write about finance and health issues - you're a cash cow.

Realizing that the cash may take a while from the writing,
I went back to basics.
I went to a fake starbucks and filled out an application.

I then went on craiglist and posted, amongst hundreds,
that I, too, was an english speaking woman in my mid-20s
available for childcare on weekends.
(Because most smart mid-20 females know that the weekdays are the funnest anyway.)

And then realizing I was applying for the same jobs
I applied to before I ever had a college degree
or a full time job in the field my degree was in,
I realized what my next stop was:

the bar.

I went to hang out and see some friends,
and of course bemoan my financial concerns-

and in return I received all sorts of ideas of how to make money.

I then called, emailed, myspace messaged, and IM'd other pals.
It was like an all dog alert - I will work for money.

Well, my people know people,
and I've got some great gigs set up now.

So far I've got a small comedy gig (thanks Hector!)
and a really awesome freelance opportunity from my friend Carrie (thanks a million for passing my name along!).

At the end of the day today, I ran into a friend who hadn't seen me since my fretful money woe Friday.
He asked if I was still drowning in money woes.
I replied, "Nope, Funke floats!"

Fingers crossed, say a prayer, chant a god, and sing a hymen* for me folks.
I'm gonna work my ass off, and hopefully not until my stomach drops again.

*Note - I meant hymn - but as you can tell from the comments, it's funnier for everyone this way.


Blythe said...

sing a hymen? that sounds dirty.

Sue Funke said...

ha, i meant hymn - but I think I'll leave it because it's a funny typo showing just how great I am at religion.