Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Thinning is the oddest part

I've lost about 30 pounds or so.
I still haven't bought a scale.

I'm still sick.
Which to most people is a saddening shock,
"No! I thought that was over?"

I'm going to most likely live the next two years
of my life in and out of pain after eating food.

There are ways of coping with this.
  • I'm not doing stand up for a couple of months so I can get more rest.
  • I'm going to focus on writing screenplays/pilots, again.
  • I'm eating healthy foods (good bye pizza, good bye french fry!)
  • I'm drinking about three drinks a week.
  • I'm exercising to get more energy now that I don't drink coffee.
  • I'm taking a bunch of unfun drugs, that make me randomly dizzy.
The weirdest thing is when I feel myself loosing weight.

I walk out in the morning and I'm wearing clothes that fit me
and somehow from the time I do my mirror fashion show at my apartment
to the time I get up from my desk to fill my water bottle

The clothes are falling off and it's like I can feel chin fat go away.

It's not a healthy thing.

But it's a good thing for my appearance.

Suddenly I'm getting hit on, a lot.
And it's really funny
because I didn't realize how lame some guys were.

Here's a tip, just because we like the same music
doesn't mean I am going to accompany you home.

A lot of people like Nirvana,
you are not a unique snowflake.

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