Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Sopranos Finale

The Sopranos aired the very last episode tonight
which resulted in a resounding
heard loud through out the land.

AP Photo/HBO, Craig Blankenhorn (taken from MSNBC)

Dear David Chase,

I know that you love to prove real life with your shows.
That things aren't always going to be tied up tidy.
But come on dude.
Why did you build me up buttercup?

Yours truly,
Sue Funke


MeganRomer said...

Um, hello? That did NOT count as a final episode. They're fucking with me and there's another one coming next week, right?

Please say yes.

Caryn said...

I loved it. :)

TheSueFunke said...

I actually did too. I think his build up was kind of amazing. Hence the bittersweet buttercup reference. He built me up, I was a little let down but I loved it still.

I can't wait to see what Chase does next. His approach is quite epic for television and -

::abrupt fade to black::

MeganRomer said...

I continue to insist that it does not count and I am waiting for the real final episode to come on.

Is he dead or not? Can someone please just tell me?