Sunday, June 10, 2007

It isn't fair Paris!

Mama Funke quotes on life

"I never promised you a rose garden!"
"Life isn't fair."
"Because I'm the Mom, that's why."

I learned this lesson early.
Then again, I don't have a hotel chain fortune.
See, it's tough for both of us.

With celebrity news the way it is lately
I am sooo glad my mom was "unfair".

I started working young too, Lindsay.
Babysitting at age 11.
And somehow with my busy schedule,
my mom taught me
not to play with knives.

Also, my mom was really always very honest about my body image.
If I looked fat in something, she'd let me know.
Like for example,
I know better than to let my cellulite ridden ass walk around in a thong bikini
See, all these girls being overly exposed in the media isn't fair.
Life isn't really supposed to be.
And apparently, my new hobby is to watch their unfair lives constantly.
Because, these girls are all around my age
and while they have gobs more money than me
their problems are just hilariously fun compared to mine.

And when I step back to look at it, I realize
My life ain't so bad -
at least I have a really good mom.

All photos were taken from The
aka - a site I'm spending waay too much time on.

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