Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am a lame-o

A Voicemail from Big Sis Jen Z:

Helloo? Helllooooooo Sue!
You are laaaame because you have not posted on your website
you have not caaaaaallled
this is why you are a lame-o.

--end voicemail message--

There are so many other reasons:
- I haven't gone to the Liar in over a week
- I haven't done any stand up in over a month
- If I have too much dairy I get a sinus infection

I have gone to Chicago in the past week and went to a neat loft party in midtown for work.
But yeah, I've been kinda lame.

I'll post soon.

I promise.

1 comment:

Big Sis said...

Glad it got you to post...though I must say, since you haven't written anything else here, you remain a LAME-O.

But a lovely lame-o whom I love dearly.