Monday, June 18, 2007

Food Shows Make Me Way Too Happy

I am an excellent quitter.

I feel I am able to quit things
because I'm really good at vicariously living.

Like since I've quit smoking, I go out for second hand smoke breaks.
When I miss crack, I just walk down to alphabet city - kidding. I never did crack.

But now that I can't eat many foods,
I'm way into watching food shows.
Like way into it.

I'll even watch that show Hells Kitchen.
Which if you DVR is great for like 10 minutes.
Watch him curse someone off,
then see that hot,
steamy, delicious,
succulent forbidden
presented all sprawled out and colorful
on the plate...

Yeah, I'm way into it.

For breakfast today I had half a bowl of apple oatmeal
For lunch today I had a chicken, spinach and fake mozzerella
sandwich with no dressings or condiments
For dinner I had a smoothy

So, you have to get why I'm loving seeing people fry and smother sauces on food.

All plain food and no grease makes Sue watch Food Network in the dark.

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