Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Chicks Dig That"

On Saturday night, after watching an amazing Sox v. Yankee game,
I went out to a local bar with three men that I am friends with.

That's right folks, Sue Funke is quite the baller.
3 dudes, one Sue,
none of them my significant other,
and I wonder why men never come up to me at bars.

But, I did learn a ton about
what women want.

Here's the list of things I gathered:
Sweet drinks
Frilly sofas and shit
Guys with Business Cards
Artists- if they're cool
(the girl not the artist, because artists are cool therefore only cool girls like artists)
Guys who act like they aren't interested
Dudes with money

The list probably goes on
but the funny thing is I'm not into any of this stuff really.

When I said that to them
the reply was
"Well, you're not like other girls"

Recently, I was told by another male friend
that guys don't want girls who watch sports
but these three males refuted by saying,
"it's so rare to find a girl who likes sports,
that there has to be something wrong with her."

Maybe it's because I'm hanging out with dudes all the time.
The wall of cock block.

No man yet brave enough to break through them.
Mostly because they think one of them is with me.

Well fellas, if you see me at a sports bar with a bunch of dudes
It's safe to bet I'm not "with" any of them.

I'm the one standing there going
"stop talking about that chicks rack,
look at that play!"

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