Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm So Tired Of America

"I literally sat down before dinner one day and five minutes later the whole thing was there. So I just consider myself more of the messenger of a general pathos, really: what's happened to the democracy and with this war. I'm just stating the obvious at this point. It's more kind of a healing gesture, really. It's more getting through the stages of mourning."

~Rufus Wainwright

I am not a huge fan of Mr. Wainwright.

I know one song a friend put on a mix tape for me
"Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk"
which I really only thought he put on the tape
because we both smoked cigarettes
and enjoyed occassional beverages such as chocolate milk,
but really it's cause it's a great song,
and thanks to youtube, the video is shown below:

I love this song*.

You can play it as you read this,
but I suggest taking it in when you can enjoy the performance,
that way you'll get hooked.

Well when I saw the name Rufus Wainwright under reviews
I completely forgot about that song and his connection with it.

I read this statement, "I'm so tired of America", on Salon.com
and responded, "me too!"

So I read on about Mr. Wainwright
and found that his statements regarding this
"controversial line"
were really quite honest about how certain Americans are feeling.

I used to really be into America,
into democracy,
but it's really just let me down.

This was my first Memorial Day having personally known a fallen soilder.
And the only thing I could think of doing was grilling and drinking a beer.
I had no patriotic feeling except for, "Damn, Sam Adams is great".

To personify it
I feel as if America is that friend
that has completely lost it's way
that is partying way too hard for it's own good
and I'm just tired of it ignoring all of it's problems,
there's no reasoning with America these days
the nation needs to go to rehab.

But since there's no national rehab program
and it would probably say no no no anyway
we can all just go to bars and drink and sing this song:

*And for those of you who know of my struggles
with quitting cigarettes

just a check in here
I haven't smoked a full cigarette
from time to time I take drags
and think, "This is disgusting".
No plans on picking up a packs.
Also - I smell fantastic as a non-smoker.

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