Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Love TV More Than You

Sweeps you've really balled me over here.
I can't believe how amazing TV has been lately.
I'm completely in love with the following shows:

1. Heroes

I thank a great cast, writers, and a supportive network for this amazing show.

Yes, it is X-men done TV Drama.
But, it's totally compelling television. Maybe I'm partial because it's in HD
and it's beautiful. But, it's also well written, and has great storylines.
There has yet to be a "Filler" episode that doesn't propell at least one hero's storyline.

2. The Sopranos
This season has kind of been exactly like the trailer...

is it over yet?
Oh, everything comes to an end...well can you get there already?
The first three installments
were like watching a never ending freight train pass before you.
Sure there were some interesting moments, but mostly you just wanted the end.
Episode 83: Kennedy and Heidi made me scream, and hit the rewind button.
The new levels of psychopath that Tony and now AJ have reached
are mesmerizing.
Thank you very much Mr. Chase. I should not have doubted you.

Last week was the week to step up, and LOST led the way.

Thank you very my LOST rainbow writers.
This show has had it tough. ABC doesn't nurture this show.
It's doing the killing dance by changing times, and taking way too long between seasons.
LOST survived itself this week and actually had a great episode from beginning to end.
I'd say more but I know that there are people who would hate me for spoiling
their rainy dvd weekend.

4. The Offfice (American)
Ok, first of all let's give credit where credit's due:

But the American version has become a hilarious show with it's own original voice.
I also think last week's Survivor Spoof episode held one of the show's best moments:
Pam's walk over the coals moment of truth.

5. My Name is Earl
It's not a show about a hick, it's a show about karma.
And the entire cast could read me the back of my cracklin' oat bran
and I'd be entertained. The latest episodes on adulthood have been particularly
enjoyable. This whole season has been stellar sitcom. If you're not watching,
at least buy the dvds so you know how right I am.

Shows I've hated recently:
House - wtf? I don't care about your romances, I want someone who's hella sick to be cured by a grumpy good looking man. If I wanted sappy romantic doctors I'd watch Grey's Anatomy.
Grey's Anatomy - That two hour episode - oy! Talk about not caring about storylines, mixing a pilot episode with an episode of your hit series for a two hour spin-off attempt - another bad move for ABC.
Family Guy - It's lost something. There have been funny moments, but I think South Park exposed it and it's had trouble finding it's place again. Prove me wrong Family Guy!

Ok, I would go on about this stuff, but I gotta go watch more TV.

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