Monday, May 07, 2007

Drip, drip, drop.. dry.

I love to drink.

In college I got caught with vodka and rum
and I had to go to a meeting on alcohol awareness
(read: dormitory AA)

They had these upbeat counselors who asked all us kids,
"Who here drinks just because they like the taste of alcohol,
not to get drunk?"

Me and the kid who was 25, that got caught buying beer for minors, raised our hands.

I love yummy, fun, tastey alcohol.

my stomach pretty much hates everything I love.

So, my friends,
Jack, Sam, Bud, Yuengling,
my Chardonnay amore
you hurt me too much for me to love you like I do.
I am going to have to take another month off from you.


Tune in Next Week on
The Sue Funke

to read about my break up with Cingular...if I'm strong enough.

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