Thursday, April 26, 2007

You Want To Go Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Couldn't enjoy a sunny day because you were stuck in florescent lighting?
It's like eternal twilight there.

Sick of people but not enough to build a shack in the woods?
You can get a beer and someone will probably make you realize humanity ain't so bad.

I'm not gonna go on like I'm re-writing Downtown.

I will however subject you to Starbucks customer "third place theory"
The working person has two places in their life
their office, which holds stress
their home, which can also hold certain stresses
Make your store your customers third place,
a stress free environment to go to get away

Now that I'm no longer hopped up on caffeine
I go to the Four Faced Liar.

My third place happens to be a place on West 4th street
which is about 45 minutes away from my apartment
and 15 minutes from my office

Where there are a lot of people who know my name,
and my drink.

The bartender is a poet.
And my roommate's old roommate.
Other people they lived with, or grew up with,
hang out there too, making it this odd conglomorate state
of housemates.

It's surrounded by sex and tabacco shops,
and the now abandoned KFC/Taco Bell where I went since I was a teenager
and the fake ID place where I got my first fake ID
(name withheld in the chance that it's still there to help underage drinkers)

It's not exactly Rockwellian nostalgic, but it's true
that the smell that reminds me of the Liar the most is
puke, poo, spilled beer gone bad, and moist wood

It's not glamorous
but it is my home away from home.

Some might think that means I need a meeting,
but those that get it understand it probably means
I should probably have one more.

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