Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Wanna be a Supermodel

Cause I'm young, and I'm hip, and so beautiful,
I'm gonna be a supermodel
~Jill Sobule

April Fools!

I'm not trying to be a supermodel,

but with this illness

I eat like a supermodel about to do an SI cover.

I'm saying shit I'd never thought I would ever utter seriously like:

"I'm full, I couldn't eat another string bean."

"I had half a sandwich. I feel like I'm gonna barf I'm so full."

"For dinner I'm having a couple of saltines and some apple sauce for dessert."

"That is WAY too much food."

"I made four chicken nuggets. You can have the other three."

"No coffee for me!"

"I can't stomach a beer right now."

"It's almost 9pm, I gotta go home and get to bed."


According to Web MD though, with my symptoms it's either a tummy ache,
or my intestines are about to explode.

I wouldn't be surprised if an alien popped out and did the Charleston at this point.

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