Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hiatal Hernia, ain't that sexy?

There it is, the diagnoses I had been eagerly seeking out.

I have a hiatal hernia,
for some reason I keep pronouncing it "hianal"
like that makes it even hotter.
Sounds like my ass is in my stomach.

I have to keep a super model diet

This can be a very hard thing to do for a girl who loves food.

I had three breadsticks from Papa Johns today,
I couldn't resist - they looked so good!

I threw up,
I can still feel the food backed up,
and I'll probably not be able to sleep tonight.

Back to fearing food for my own good again tomorrow.

I'm getting by with my imagination and my memory.
I remember food tastes and seasonings well.
Probably because my father loved food more than people -
(moment of psychoanalysis) that's where I get it from.

Now, it's just living vicariously through those memories
all those days of over indulgence that got me here.

...and watching the Food Network, alone ..with the lights out...

My digestive system is messed up.

People say, "but you're so young!"

There are 12 year olds getting diabetes.

I was at one time 280 pounds,
you think I got that from eating all my vegetables?

So for now, I've really got to watch, and feel, everything I eat
-and watch you eat,
because it smells sooo good...

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