Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February - I'm in Love!

My favorite holiday occurs in February.
It's a day of joy.
It's a day of unknown excitment.

There's an amazing movie themed upon it.
That's right folks, it's
Groundhog's Day.

As for Valentine's Day..
the dating siesta continues.
And no, going to bars with boys who have girlfriends does not count as dating.

I am in love though.
I have to admit it.
He's a short, black, bitter man.

He's my roommate's cat Damian.
I didn't think I'd ever like a cat
- let alone love this silly bastard.

But now we chase shadows together,
He curls up in my bed,
We share inside jokes.

It's not like I'm gonna give up my dream
of being the token "crazy dog lady" when I grow up.
I'm all about the doggies,
but for now,
the cat'll do.

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