Sunday, January 28, 2007

Take Advice From Jen Hubley

I have a good friend named Jen Hubley.
(say her name aloud, "HUB-Lee!", it's fun)

She is human, and not all knowing, but has some pretty good advice.

She's the first one to tell me, "Sue, you're being totally crazy pants about this."
When I am being a crazy pants about something.

She is also a woman who successfully took a dating siesta.

And for that she became an inspiration...

Last night as I sat writing my set at the Laugh Lounge
I looked up and smiled at the guy sitting near me.
"Are you flirting with me?" he asked.

"No," I answered, taken a little aback.

"Why not? Are you into girls?" he said indignantly*.

and then I just blurted it out, "No, I love men. I'm just on a dating siesta."

And that is the story of how Sue Funke started her dating siesta.

*To further clarify, I wouldn't date this guy with or without the dating siesta. I mean the ego on this one is writing checks his personality can't even cash.


madcat said...

dating siesta -- TM MAD!-- will change your LIFE. good luck & have fun!

Nick (Space Guide) said...

He probably wasn't indignant, but was wishful thinking. He probably was hoping you'd say, "Yes, want to join me and my girlfriend?" Guys are like that, y'know.

Good luck with the siesta. I assume it will last longer than 1PM to 4 PM?