Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Screw Blogs, It's All About the Columnists Baby

From the time I was born until I was six I shared a room
with my sister.

My sister then went to college in DC,
did improv and stand up comedy,
became a journalist/writer,
and then moved back home when I was around 12
for about a year or so,
and shared my room again.

I've always loved and admired my sister.
She is super cool.

No one even knew what college was when I was six,
and I had a sister who went there.

When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up,
I would say:
Ballerina, Teacher, Astronaut, or a DJ on WKRP in Cinninati.

And then they'd say,
"But you're such a good writer, why don't you be a writer?"
And that was just crazy,
because there already was a writer in the family,
my sister, Jen.

Well, in college I realized that I really was a writer,
and that a family can have more than one person in a profession.

So, both of my brothers are teachers,
and my sister and I are writers.

Check out my super cool sister's column:
"While I Was Out"

And move over Bronte sisters:
we're alive
and we're funny

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