Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust

Here's the slapdash run down of 2006:

I was promoted at work

3 deaths of people close to me:
-Mike LiCalzi
-Bill Barrett
-my Great Aunt Maud always comes in threes.

I met some dumbass men.
Made most of them my friends.
Others are just dumbasses.

Moved in with my buddy Tom
and my college roomate's sister.

Did some fun comedy shows.

Made some wonderful friends from aquaintences.

I turned a quarter of a century.

Developed a stronger long island accent for a joke,
and ended up with a nasty habbit of speaking in the accent.

Appeared on TV twice.
Spent an entire month without TV.

Grew my hair hippie long again.

Quit smoking.

Bought a lot of clothes because I see a Victoria's Secret Catalogue more often then I see myself naked at this point - but that's a whole other story.

Basically, it's been a long year.
I did a lot.
(especially on this blog, which i started in 2006)

So, I'm thinking, can I just sleep through 2007?
I'm freakin' exhausted.

*It only took working very very late into the night and waking up early in the morning.
I think of it as productive insomnia.

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