Friday, December 22, 2006

Must See TV...

I haven't watched television, live television,
in my home,
for three weeks now.

Hi, I'm Sue Funke, and I'm addicted to television.

I've gone three weeks without it,
and I'm not ok.

TV is
my wooby
my relaxation
my hobby
my passion
my life

Seriously people,
tell me about it.

Have there been any new shows on lately?

How are the new episodes of Law & Order -
is Vincent D'Onofrio still doing them?
Mr. Big doesn't belong on Criminal Intent with Tony Sopranos old girl friend.
It's just wrong.

Oh! But watching it would be so right!!

How did Top Chef end?
Wait don't tell me,
when I have TV again
just let me stay on the couch and watch the entire marathon.

I don't have TV because Time Warner can't figure out how to install my cable.
I'd say more but I'm afraid if I slander them
they will never ever come.

And i NEED them to come.

My friend bemoaned to me about only having 3 channels the other day.
She doesn't realize how lucky she is!

My other pal told me that it took her months to get cable installed.
And she was ok with that.
Her and her books, pssh!

I'm leaving soon to go to Virginia to spend time with my sister,
but I have to admit I look forward to the quality time I'll spend with her TV.

Oh! Cable come back to me!!!

This blog could've also been tittled:
Seriously, The Television Addiction Isn't a Joke Anymore it's 5 AM and I'm fiending.
I Even Miss Informercials
I Missed the Norelco Santa This Christmas :(

1 comment:

Xeresa said...

I'm as addicted to books as I am to television,but, I have a whole library full of books in my home and my library is just four blocks away so getting a "fix" is easy.
Losing your cable, or having your television lay down and die on you is a far worse tragedy in my opinion.
Our cable went out and so did most of our electricity, and I was practically gnawing on wood, or whatever family member who made the mistake of getting to close to me during that time.
So I understand and I do feel for you. I found that polite nagging and whining does help in getting your cable faster.
The hard trick is to be annoying enough to make them want not to hear your voice again, but not so annoying that they want to screw you permanently!(LOL)
Good luck.