Thursday, December 14, 2006

I HATE Heroin

There I said it.
I hate heroin.

Why would I want to say this here and now?
I watched the Mitch Hedberg DVD Mitch All Together this evening.

He's not the only person who I know
who has lost a life*
from this stupid, awful drug.

You know what you should try?
Spinning around in circles.


Seriously you will get so f'in disoriented,
and possibly giggle
and fall down.

That's right kids,
Look like a dope, don't take it.

This blog could also be called,
Why I Don't Write Public Service Announcements

*meant literally and figuratively

...oh and I don't mean I knew Mitch like we were buddies. He's really just someone I know of, a celebrity if you will. But, Mitch is the best kind of celebrity in my book, because he's the kind that's well known because he was a nice person to know. He made the audience feel like they were all his friends.
So yeah, I feel like I knew him.

I hate heroin.

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