Sunday, December 10, 2006

Home at the new apartment

Today marks he first twenty four hours in my new apartment.

After all the rushing, all the purchasing, all the wheezing allergy attacks*,
I'm at home.

I'm sitting at a window seat, looking out at the Christmas lights.

My three new roommates are making themselves at home as I write this.

Tom's hanging up curtins.

Melissa's trying to organize her room.

Damian, the cat, is trying his best to get in Melissa's way.

The move went really smooth,
until I sat down to relax,
and accidently dunked my cell phone in water.

I never liked that phone anyway.

*I'm allergic to dust and my old apartment wasn't exactly dust free, as we moved everything out I sucked all of it into my lungs. Good thing I quit smoking, I could only imagine how much worse the coughing would've been.

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