Thursday, December 21, 2006


It's very final
And everyone is nuts

We're all racing to the store
rushing the holiday spirit
tired of frosty

There's something a little off
because it's been a long year
and you're realizing

that it's almost over...

But there's so much left to do before New Year's-

Don't make me even think About
I have to get through this week!!

This celebratory week
it makes me weak

It's kinda funny
that there's a big fuss about a December birthday
A new at the end

Did you know that in the beginning of December it's still fall?

Did you know that in December the winter solstice occurs?

It's a subtle difference in the setting of the sun
but maybe it's so quick
that we rush

and the holidays are upon us again!
and there's too much to do,
we've got to get it all in!

It doesn't matter
take your time

you've got 12 more months
'till you meet again.

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