Sunday, December 03, 2006

48 more hours of 24

Ahh birthdays.
Adding a one to your age.
Celebrating making it through another year.
Another reason to drink excessively for the party crew.

Two more days and I'll be 25.

"A quarter of a century is a great achievement," my father would've said.

There's no party that's been planned, I'm just gonna get older this year.

I did have a lovely dinner with my mom though.
There was less nagging single talk.
I think she's finally gotten the point that I'm happier this way.
I also shared tales of how awkward I can be around the boys I like,
and how I'm often hit-on by losers.
So, instead of being asked why I don't have anyone,
she was happy to hear that I'm holding out for someone that's worth the time it takes to put into a relationship.

As for celebrations of the year growth,
I'm be performing stand up at the Laugh Lounge on December 8th on the 7pm new talent show and after the show I'm gonna go out for some drinks with friends who come out for the showcase kinda of as a mini bday thing, but I wouldn't exactly call it a party.

I'm playing it mellow this year, hopefully start a new tradition.

Anything is better than previous years.

So for now, I'm your whacky 24 year old blogger.

Two days though, I'm gonna be your wiser 25 year old blogger.

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