Monday, November 27, 2006

Sick, Holidays, TV

I have not blogged in a while, my apologies.
Here are my reasons:

I'm sick - sinus infection, it's not pretty, ask me why.
I was home for the holidays - not the one I grew up in, the one my brother and his wife have made in Pennsylvania. It was awesome. Everything I could've asked for from a holiday*.
I love TV more than you - seriously, I've watched so much TV and I love it. There are some awesome shows on, and some awesomely bad on.

Awesome shows(in no particular order):

Project Runway (now I have a very strong opinion on fashion, I had no clue without Heidi Klum)
Six Feet Under (Season one is on Bravo, it's horribley dubbed for cursing and sex, but it makes me giggle when they replace curse words in really lame ways)
Heros (I know what it means when they say "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World - you should too)
Studio 60 (I love Aaron Sorkin's TV writing)
Scrubs (hilarious)

Awesomely bad:

Dukes of Hazzard
America's Next Top Model
Top Chef
No explanations for the bad stuff, I would blame the cold,
but I can't really.
I can blame it for that Three's Company Dream I had this morning.
It's just delusional of me to dream I'm Cindy, when I'm totally more Joyce DeWittish.

*What made a great holiday:
My nieces and nephews- my siblings have great offspring, they're a lot of fun.
My siblings - Jen and Mike were present this year, they're hilarious but Matt was missed
The in-laws - when you're not married but you have in-laws via your siblings marriage, these people are really cool and fun honorary family members.
Food - My sister-in-law cooked a meal that was the most amazing home cooked thing ever. I found a new love for home cookin'. I want to buy her more cook books and move in because she not only enjoys cooking but she'll also serve me and make fun of my brother while doing so. Wonderful.
Cigar, scotch, front pourch, dog - This has become an upmost staple of my holiday/vacation time. I got to enjoy a nice portifino with my brother and my brother in law.
My mother having a memeroable moment that leads to my miserable neurosis - "I'm only getting Susan a birthday gift this year because she's still single."

Ahh can't wait for Christmas!!

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