Saturday, November 11, 2006

Free Coffee from McDonalds

Yes, I am a sucker to advertising*.

I wanted to ba-dup-bup-ba-baaa love it.
(especially if it was free)

So, I walked out of the Union Square subway station and into my participating fast food chain,
and I got a free coffee - I also bought a breakfast sandwich while I was there.

As I walked out I realized that the tiny bagel with fake bacon, fake egg, and I can't believe it's cheese on it,
was the same price as a real bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel and a coffee at any New York Deli.

I had a bitter taste before the coffee hit my taste buds.

As I did my super model strut up 17th Street I had to admit,
I made that coffee look good.

A man walking in the opposite direction was smiling at me.
I coyly smiled back as I start to take a sip of delcious free coffee...

I then tripped on the sidewalk and the coffee went up my nose.

I don't really remember how good the coffee tasted,
but it smelled great all day long.

*Nov. 5-11th McDonald's was giving out free small coffees.

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