Sunday, October 29, 2006

There's always football

The Mets lost.
I haven't gotten to an open mic because work has been really busy.

When I came back to town last week I remembered immediately why I hate midtown:
in penn station burgers cost $16, beer is $7,
you can't get a view of the game
- and if you try to there are men in suits acting like you're the cutest little thing for trying to watch the ball game.

I caught a cab and went back to the messy abode.

Seeing family was good, although the line of the week was,
"Why haven't you met anybody?"

I don't know.

I once again feel horrifically single and I'm too messy to even own a cat.

I thought I'd possibly rectify my funk by going out on the town.
Saturday was full of Halloween parties - a chance to meet new people, maybe even a 'new man'.

Instead, I was emptying myself with a frightening stomach virus and a high fever.
24 hours of fun!

Well, at least there's always football.

I'm going to go sit on a faux leather couch,
eat some cheetos and watch the Giants
with my males friends
who are just friends,
and hopefully their cheers will drown out my mother's voice saying,
"Well, we just want you to be happy".

I was,
until I realized that it's been 3 years since I've been in a relationship,
a year since I even went on "a date",
and now I feel very alone.


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