Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Mets Fan "We"

That's right Mets fans,
we won the division.

Yes, it was us.

Why do I insist on using the plural, including myself and other fans who didn't technically play the game?
Because real Mets fans have been watching, waiting, cheering, crossing our fingers, covering our eyes, cowering in shame for way longer than the people on the team.

We've trusted and screamed for this longer, and we love the team for doing it.

But we wouldn't be true Mets fans, without knowing that-
if it weren't for the love of the sport
and going to shea
with that 'ya gotta believe' attitude
and cheering on with Mr. Met himself for the team,
that you were a real part of that win*.

It's our team, it's our time.
(at least those were what all the posters around my apartment read)

I'm going to game 1 of the NLCS (thanks Brenda!!)

Then on Thursday, October 12, 2006 everyone should head down
to Bar None to see me do "Grandma's Candy Box",
a FREE comedy show!
It starts at 9:30 on Thursday.
You should go, unless your watching the game.**

*I was at that game.

**If this is the case, then you should text me the score.

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