Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm not here...

I'm exhausted and working too hard.

My step father muses to me, "I want to open a company, it doesn't matter what we do, but I want to just hire you and your Mom. I'd have a number one company in a month and I'd only have to pay for two employee."

We're busy little worker bees.

Sometimes, I think I was raised Puritan instead of Roman Catholic because of the crazy strong work ethic my family shares.

Maybe being raised by two Republicans was enough.

Either way, I've spent way too much energy writing this, I need to put it back towards the people who pay my bills (oh, and I do love my job and all that happy hoo-ey, it's just the busy time of year, soon enough I'll be telling tales of wilder times...)

P.S. - I'm over cigarettes, you know how I know?
I got the rocks to tell Irene (my mommy) I quit
- which meant telling her I started again,
which meant sitting through the lecture and saying at the end of it,
"yeah, but I'm over it. I promise."
To promise to Mama Funke you better mean it because,
well you just don't mess with Mama Funke.

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