Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Let's all take a moment to remember 9/13

9/13/01, the day I woke up with a two day hang over, for the very first time.

I was 20 when it all went down on that sunny morning. Barely into year my second year of college and the world seemed to fall apart worse than any drama a dorm could stir up.

I was on Long Island, and there was chaos pretty much everywhere.

It was a really bad day, and there's so much bad about it, why dwell?

But 9/11/2006 was a promising day.
Things were going well. Like really well.
For the first time in what seems like years friends and family, even I was happy and prosperous.

So wasn't it a bitch to turn on my TV and not even be able to get the weather because EVERYONE felt the need to relive the horrific day that was 9/11.

People talking about how the sky was clear and blue and sunny - just like 9/11/01..
Are we in NYC never going to be able to have a beautiful 9/11 again because of that one 9/11?

That's when the terrorists win.

Move on people, live in the Now.

And everyone's excuse: "people from all over the country don't get it but they want to identify".

That's kind of messed up.
It's like having a friend whose significant other died and then go up to that friend every year after the death and talk them through a minute by minute account of their significant other's death.

Is that really going to help everyone understand?

Not really. Instead of taking me through the minutes - minutes before I step on a subway around the same time going into the same city- why not tell me about how our country is working to make this never happen again?

The TV station I'm maddest with was NY1.
We needed you NY1, we needed you to go on.
We needed our traffic on the ones,
our rail and road update,
I mean for the love of all that is holy you didn't even read me the newspaper -
that's like the adult version of a good night story, but it's before work.

You really let me down NY1, I'd "talkback" to you,
if we were talking.
We're so fighting right now.

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