Sunday, September 10, 2006

Funke Fashion Forward

I don't spend a lot of money on clothes.
I'm too busy spending money on food, beer, cable, and comedy.
Ya know, the finer things in life.

But - Fashion has been on my mind lately.
Is it because this really is the best season of Project Runway*?
Or because it's fashion week in NYC?
Those are some of the reasons.

The main reason is because I've been around Brooklyn a lot lately.
In Brooklyn there's a large population of 20-30 year olds known as hipsters.

Now, let me say that I have friends who are hipsters,
so it's ok to make fun of them.

When taken to extreme though, they are downright redonkulous** - some of them are even wearing animal masks now, but most of the hardcore mainstream ones look like vapid emo kids blindly following a trends they try desperately to emulate with the newest "it" kid.

But as a hip 24 year old, some of my clothing choices can be a little
(dare I even admit!?) hipster.

I've got the black converse, the thick rimmed glasses, the concert t-shirts of bands that were only together before I was alive, and the iPod to top off the *gasp* trendy hipster apparel.

The thing is, I'm never really consistent with my fashion enough to really be classified.
One day it's my dirty brown hippie skirt with a cheap polo tee,
the next day it's jeans and a zepplin t-shirt,
then I'll mix it up with a nice skirt and a feminine top,
and to keep people on their toes, I'll wear some rediculous combination of clothing and jewlery.

I like to think that my style hasn't really changed since I was able to pick my own clothes.
In fact, somedays I really look like I'm ready to head to pre-school more than a day job.

And even though I am interested to see what's hip this fall,
there is really no chance that I'm trading in bell bottom jeans for straight-leg-mom-jeans this year.

*I love this show, I'm sorry but I never knew how much I cared about fabric and color before, and I'm ok with admitting I'm pretty ga-ga over it now.

**Thanks to Mad for this fun entry into my vernacular.

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