Monday, August 14, 2006

Forkin' High Dive...

I am not always a fortunate person, I am human,
I will spare you my pitfalls and sorrows.

Right now in my life I am very fortunate,
I have a lot of close friends, and family.

And we're all in the same place ----

We're perched on rows of a forked high dive strip.

some on the short boards.

some on the long planks.

We're perched waiting for our big jump,
competing in the life olympics

We're planning complex maneuvers,
hoping they turn out as beautiful flips,
We're taking chances before we point our toes just right,
chanting prayers with high hopes
that we won't make the quite feesible belly flop.

I work a 9-5 job,
the kind of place where everyone asks,
"how was your weekend?"
clinging to the tales of sunshine freedom
suffucated, not ready to adjust to the florescent grey
office space monday.

And when it was my turn to answer
there was no truth to say.
I smiled and
said "good", "decent", "weird", "crazy", "interesting", "messed up", "fun", "different",

I haven't met yet a word to describe
such a slapdash crescnedo that last those days.

I saw a lot of close friends this past weeked,

There was a lot to take in,
looking at them seeing them perched beside me in life,
we're talking together,
wondering who will be first to plunge in.

I swang on the swings at sunset,
danced and sang on the street,
cried out in frustration,
and laughter.

I met people who only existed in stories,
sat on the roof surrounded by trains,
water towers,
and friends.

There was utter frustration irritated by lack sleep.

I look forward to meeting the word that describes this weekend.

Maybe I'll find out during the attempt at this perfect long jump/rolling dive...

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