Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We're Just Two Lost Souls Living in a Fish Bowl

Year after year...

Where did you go Syd Barrett?
Our world turns it's lonely ears to you.

In all honesty, I thought Syd Barrett died years ago.
I even said so at work, and my love of classic rock challenged.
Sadly, sometimes love doesn't mean expansive knowledge,

and to be fair he was a bit of a recluse.

I really love Pink Floyd.
Favorite albulm: Dark Side of the Moon
Favorite song: Wish You Were Here

Oh it's all so top 40, isn't it?

But really, it all stems back to my brother Matt, teaching me about music.

I remember, quite vividly, my brother in his room as he opened a CD case as if it was the holy grail of music.
I was sitting, on my hands, on the bottom bunk starring up at him. I had to promise not to breathe too hard just so I would be able to be in the same room as the amazingness that he was holding.

It was the albulm, Wish You Were Here

and I had no idea.

I was just wondering why there was a man on fire and the other man could be so calm about it. The picture frightened and amazed me and I was only able to admire from afar because Matt paid a good deal of money for this Special Edition.

The CD he pulled out was gold. It was a golden CD - supposed to play with quality sound like no other.

Matt said he would play it once, then set it aside- it was valuable.

How is that valuable?

Matt said I would understand soon, and pressed play.

Then we sat around and listened to it.

And I didn't quite get it, I was still young, but I knew it was bitterly beautiful.

Later, I made my brother drive me to Mr. Cheapo's
I bought Dark Side of the Moon for 8 bucks, it was a used CD.

Syd Barrett didn't literally contribute to these albulms, but without his influence it never would've happened.

I'm not trying to act like a huge Syd Barrett fan here,

but I just thought I'd ad my own tribute because his passing definitely made me reflective on who he was, and what he meant -

and I don't think I could put half as well as my friend Urban did.

Shine on you crazy diamonds, shine on.

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