Saturday, July 29, 2006

"Let's not forget ourselves good friend, I am flawed if I'm not free"

I'm currently basking in my fortress of solitude with electricity*.

Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not Super(wo)man.

For those not aware:
I live alone, I'm single, it's a pretty decent way to be.

There are definitely times that I would love to have someone. And when I have those times, I think, who would that someone be?

Yeah, there's no one I know who's "that someone".

But, I've got time, so I wonder, what would he be like?

He would be someone who would already have the nachos ready and the TV on when I got home.
He would have a job, an equally crazy schedule, and we would intersect and fall in love and spend time on the couch and at comedy and music shows and Friday movies, he'd call me all the time just to hear my voice...

OK, I'm already feeling suffocated by him though,

and he's not real.

and I'm thinking, I might be better for it.

Being single is pretty awesome.

Here's why:

+ Never have to clean the apartment

+ There's no one to call when I end up staying out later than expected

+ Just got my own bad days, problems, and issues to deal with

+ Only one set of parents**

+ I'm only paying for my food (I never really dated stable, steady job dudes, can you tell?)

I'm not saying I don't get lonely, I'm human.

It's just recently my friend Sam got me into the band Rilo Kiely

They're a great band, very pop, but fun lyrics.

The lyric that rings around my brain all day is the title of this blog post.
It's from a song titled:
"Does He Love You?"

The funny thing is, that strong testament of freedom that I'm so identifying with -
is part of a song in which a woman is singing about how she's longing for a married man
who's wife not only just married him because she thought her time was running out,
but also is the singers friend.

The complete lyric is:

Let's not forget ourselves good friend,
I am flawed I'm not free,
and your husband will never leave you,
he will never leave you for me

So basically, my song of freedom is about being an unrequited adulteress.

Well, she probably doesn't have to clean her apartment either, they could just go to hotels, right?

Eh, I'll stick to my couch, my TV, my side stand up comic ambitions, and my full time job.

Adultery seems too stressful - but it does sound beautiful (sound bite from

*I am one of those poor unfortunate souls that had no power for about a week or so. People often asked me how I survived the black out, well I was only here two days of it, when I was here, I would come home late, take a cold shower and fall asleep with the thought "if you don't fall asleep now, you'll just be making it worse for yourself".

**Ever notice that when you date someone you end up hanging out with their parents more than your own, and you find yourself getting just as annoyed at them as you do your own? Just me?

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Melanie said...

If everyone knows—and approves—is it really adultery? A perfect scenario in a not so perfect world, makes a not so perfect scenario, doesn't it?

In my experience, you can never really be friends with the wife—at least not for long. Better to fly solo.