Friday, June 16, 2006

Radiohead, Live

I said I'd never go to church again,

but then I saw Radiohead live, and I'm pretty sure I saw Jesus and Mohammed and yes, of course, Buddha - those Radiohead kids are dirty hippies.

Actually the crowd was really diverse, but I guess that's a given in NYC.

It was a truly transcendent experience.

They played National Anthem,

and everyone was so near,

and I almost cried ------ but then someone started talking.

Maybe it's because my first "concert" I ever went to was the Pops at Carnegie Hall*, but I'm a bit of a music purist.

Unless you're asking someone to move so you can run to pee, or if you're saying "This is flippin' fabulous"( because I appreciate the gay excited praise)
Shut the Fuck Up!!!

Why are you talking?
Do you not see Thom Yorke convulsing, he could die up there he's performing so hard, you stupid ungrateful retards. Good people would've paid good money for that ticket but because Daddy is a banker with the right investment pals, you said ok to the free tickets so you act like you're VIP for a night that you won't appreciate, and you're bugging people who are living the dream.

I did not like those people. All I liked was the band, the lights, and the overall feeling of amazingness once they all were silenced by the world wonder that is a live Radiohead show.

Well, I'm not gonna give you a complete set list, because I'm just not that kind of blog.

All you need to know is, I'm a born again Radiohead fan.

Seeing them live was like taking me to the river and making me praise Yorke and say I believe in isolationist, dramaticlly beautiful and kick ass rockin' music and then putting me in that holy water - he turns the water blues, i turn the water greens - and voila! Born Again Radiohead, no alarms, no surprises, then it's just our bodies floating down the muddy river.

All praise Thom Yorke!

Can I get an Amen!?

*My sister took me to my first "real" concert, which was No Doubt. Thanks big sister Jen!! :)

**None of the links are to the show I went to, I saw them at MSG on June 14th.**

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Rizoh said...

Radiohead jams. I've had "Me and This Army" in my favorites playlist for months now.