Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Where the Funke have you been?

I know, I know,
I don't know you enough to call you,
but least I could do is write.

So where have I been?
  • Not home cleaning I can tell you that as I look around the apartment at all the security I have built in.
  • I've been doing a bunch of stand up.
  • I went to visit my sister in Virgina. My sister's 9 hours away by car, I drove back and forth with my mother and found that either I'm not the road warrior I used to be or driving with my mother can make me tense, I think it might be a little of both.
  • I've been trying to figure out simple math*

*insert picture of me crying here.

I swear I'll have something interesting to say...
oh, wait,

TV has been pretty good to me this season.

Season finales were never so consistently produced to round out a season.

For example, Grey's Anatomy - first season it was like Melrose Place meets hospital with all the love affairs and non-stop romantic drama.
Second season was a nice culmination of the results of the bad deeds going punished.
From the two hour season opener to the two hour season finale I actually cared about these characters. There are believeable love stories on this show and some good medical drama stuff thrown in to boot.

But if you want medical drama, go see House, M.D. - did they lose the M.D. or am I the only one hanging onto that?
Well, anyway except for the annoying side story about Cameron being in love with House, this show is all about the facts, and the bitter doctor that doles them, and to say it is well done is an understated.
It's medically fascinating, bittingly witty, and the filming in the season finale was phenominal. If you haven't watched this show I recently found out they replay them on USA Networks from my mom and step father who enjoy shows in syndication rather then primetime.

My favorite season finale though, had to be LOST.
It was overwhelming with answers, but extremely well shot, and gave you enough questions to feel satisfied about the season and excited for next season.
They also aren't completely leaving us crazed fans high and dry. There's actually an interactive "game" online all summer long.**

So that's something to look forward to while I DVR repeats of shows I've neglected through out the season.

I think the best show I'm not watching enough of is "Everybody Hates Chris". If you think the family sitcom is dead, you'll be surprised to know that Chris Rock saved it. I have yet to watch an episode and not laugh. It's a clever take on the Wonder Years Formula, but it's set in Bed Stuy in the early 80's.

Well, I should sign off now, Rescue Me just started. I have only seen last season, but I think this show is off the beaten path (in that kid-who-was-wearing-all-black-and-kinda-weird-in-the- Ally-Sheedy-Breakfast-Club-way-that-is-funny-and-cool-once-you-give-'em-a-chance) with it's dark humor and the topics it covers. The direction of each episode differs but Leary and his buddy Peter Tolan write the majority of it and some episodes directed so vividly with bold color and creative framing that it is amazing that it is a show about firefighters and not a piece of art film. I am also a sucker for Dennis Leary.
This new season kind of worries me though, I feel as though it's going to be very predictible : Tommy's marriage finally disolves, his Dad has to die, the guy who was wronged by the whore is going to go down the tubes, and I'm thinking Tommy's brother is going to cross him.
But they are pretty good at pulling out some random story lines, so let's hope for that. If it doesn't work out I might actually have to start reading again.

**Can you imagine back if Dallas had an interactive Who Shot JR game? I wonder if they'd have a little rifle range where you could try to shoot him too...

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