Tuesday, May 09, 2006

No, really, it's fun to watch you talk on your cellphone

More and more lately I find myself hanging out with friends who feel the need to take every incoming phone call on their cell, even if it's that "just calling to chat" phone call.

Yeah, I'm really glad we're hanging out like this. I can catch up with you by overhearing your personal conversation. Oh yeah, this is so worth the trip out to visit.

I understand that you're a busy person, I too have a rich social life. But people, if you're going to take the "just to chat phone call" - why didn't we just have a phone conference?

I'll sit on one end of a bar/restaurant/apartment, and you sit at the other
we can look at eachother as we talk on the phone and if someone beeps in, you take the phone call and I'll people watch by myself, so it doesn't look so much like I'm a boring person as it does a lonely person,
in this case a passer by might stop to speak to me and I won't have to be so bored.

Now, when the emergency phone call comes up, or one you've been waiting to take, go ahead, take it.

What really burns my biscuits is when you're having a social, friendly, catch-up conversation with a friend, and then the friend gets a call and you get to hear the same thing all over, but now one sided.

The other fun thing that happens is when someone gets several phone calls and walks away from you each time, so they can have a catch up conversation with someone in full, and you keep getting pieces in between.

OR how about the text message, this is the psuedo phone conversation that goes on throughout the night. So at basically every plot point of a story a beep goes off, your friends fingers are flying, they nod as if they are totally listening to you and then once they hit send look up at you and say, "hmm?"

Remember the time when you left the house and no one could reach you?
When you went out with people and were just with the people you were with.

If you don't remember it, try leaving your cell phone at home, or even just turning it off, next time you go to hang out with a friend.

Trust me, it will be lovely.

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