Sunday, May 07, 2006

"It's getting hot and the ladies are getting naked"

Probably the most overtold joke in history.

Trust me I sit through a lot of jokes.
My answer to this joke:

It's flippin hot and I sweat like a pig in heat, so yeah I'm wearing a tank top and a skirt. I never knew what a wonderful choice this apparel was for men's reactions till I walked through NYC like that. Men are constantly congratulating my clothing choice:
"Well done"
"Looks good"
and apparently I'm also what some dudes are "talkin' about"

I even had a guy sing a song about me and my brown skirt:
"The girl in the brown skirt
she's so hot it almost hurts
she won't look at me
the hottie in the brown skirt"

I wish I could return the complements, but really all I'm thinking is,

"When was the last time you cleaned that shirt?"

"Have you smelled yourself lately?"

"Is that whiskey on your breath or did someone throw up on you?"

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