Saturday, April 15, 2006

Today, I miss my car*

*Also Titled "I miss the convenience of Convenience Stores"

I had a car from when I was 17 until the day I moved to Queens.
The day I moved to Queens Iwas driving to get some pre-move coffee and I was thinking to myself,
do I really want to deal with parking the car, car insurance, and gas prices now that I'm moving out on my own?

and then the bottom of the car fell out.

Now I know what you're thinking -
You had a car when you were 17, you little Long Island Princess, look at you! Did your Daddy buy you it?

No, he didn't, and Mommy was getting tired of driving me to therapy because of it.
So I got a car.

I love driving. There is nothing better than getting in your car and riding around on a beautiful day. Taking the Meadow Brooke to Long Beach to get some Marvel. Taking a slow ride all the way down Ocean Parkway. Stopping off on the way home at a 7-11....
oh thank Heaven.

I love convenience stores.

I like the fact that at the convenience store there are usually 5-10 refrigerated cases full of beverages.
I like to take my time and look at all the crazy varieties of drinks; there have to be about 40 different kinds of drinks out there to what was the equivalent to what Jolt cola was when I was a kid.

There's also a selection of coffees at the convenience store full of different flavors of coffee and every kind of milk you could think of : fat free half and half - now that's just wrong.

There's also a selection of beer at the convenience store, but here's the difference, while there are flavors unheard of and unseen of all other beverages, beer is pretty much standardized at the convenience store. You'll see your Bud, your Coors, your Amstel and Heinkein, all the standards. Once in a while they throw in a Pete's Wicked or a Magic Hat, but at that point they're 12 bucks for a six pack and you might as well go to some lounge in Manhattan. But that's the thing, the convenience store isn't there for you to party, it's there for you.

The convenience store is there for you more than your best friend, significant other, even your family.
The convenience store is there 24 hours a day.
Hung over from last night and you have to get to work early? You need to pick up some fresh brewed 5am coffee
Hungry between lunch and dinner? You need to pick up some jerky.
Sick of your family after dinner? You need to pick up some ice cream.
Don't want to study for that test? You have an urge for a hotdog that's been spinning since 7am, yesterday.
Been watching a Family Guy marathon in your sweats all day? You need a slushy at 2 am.

Yes friends, I miss my car because now, when I want these things, I have to WALK.
Where's the convenience in that?

Well, I'm off now to go enjoy this beautiful day, on my feet.
It's like exercise.
Feels like work.

ps - yes, I am aware that in Queens there are such wonderful things as Bodegas, but these are convenience stores lite. They have less fridges, more gums and lotto tickets, and more 40's. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you don't really have the same assurance that everything you love will still be there you're next visit.
Like my favorite bodega in Carol Gardens Brooklyn, you know, the Optimo?
They stopped selling beer.
What did they do with the extra fridge?
Entire thing full of Poland Spring Water. Blasphemy.

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sugarfree said...

Yeah, what gives with the Optimo? I was devastated when you broke the news. But it's cool, because the nice Lebanese guy who used to work there and give me free beers is gone to. So fuck 'em. I've moved on to the other cute Leb at Red Apple bodega who's always there to seel me my milk and Red Bull at 3am.